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Water is essential for our survival. It is possible to survive without food for a few days, but without water, we will die. Today, I thought of compiling a list that points out the top 10 benefits of drinking water for your overall health and beauty, so that it motivates us all to increase our water intake on a daily basis. So, read on and get motivated to drink more water.

# 1. It helps in flushing out the toxins from our system. Remember, your pee should be crystal clear, that is a sign of good health. If it is yellow or pale yellow, then you need to increase your water intake NOW.

# 2. Lack of water can dehydrate your body,that will leave your body tired and you will be prone to fatigue. The solution is simple, drink more water.

# 3. Not feeling up and active. Drink water. It helps you to feel active all day long. Drinking water is linked to good and happy mood.

# 4. You get to be the keeper of a healthy and glowing skin.

# 5. Want to lose weight, then drink water. It will make you full and stop you from all those mindless binge.

# 6. It is good for your gut health too. If you are feeling constipated, simply drink more water.

# 7. Relieves you from minor diseases also like infection, allergies, headaches, migraines  etc, because drinking more water builds your immunity and acts as a barrier against those infections.

# 8. Drinking water while working out, provides you with an extra leash of energy, so that you can carry on working out longer and of course in a better manner.

# 9. Having a hangover. Go for a glass of water(squeeze lemon) to cure that hangover.

# 10. There is no better thirst quencher than water and it is cheaper than most of the beverages, almost free.

So, those are the benefits of drinking water. Hope you liked the post.


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10 ways to feel supercharged every day

10 ways to feel supercharged every day

Do you feel lethargic while doing any tasks?? And just do it because you need to complete it. Do you feel that you are low in energy or motivation or not feeling enough charged up to take on the day.

If not feeling supercharged everyday is your problem, then I’ll show you how to get rid of it by following an active lifestyle.

Here, in this post I’ll talk about it. So stop fretting over feeling tired and stop giving excuses any longer because I’m going to show you the simple tricks that you can easily implement in your day-to-day life and feel supercharged too.

Here, presenting top 10 ways to feel supercharged all day long. Hope you like it. So, what are you waiting for? Read on.


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# 1.  As soon as you wake up, before doing anything else, read aloud some self-written affirmations. Affirmations are a statement of positive thoughts and thinking. Reading affirmations the first thing in the morning has a very positive effect on our mind.

It’s like feeding your mind with healthy thoughts at the beginning of the day, so that your mind feels healthy and motivated for the rest of the day. We talk a lot about healthy diets for our body, but think about your mind. We often ignore it when it comes to  include it in our overall well-being? So  do not ignore it.

From today onward, make it a daily habit to feed healthy diet to your mind also in the form of affirmations. If you do not have any idea about what affirmations are or how to make your own affirmations, then click here.


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# 2. It’s important to eat a healthy and a hearty breakfast in the morning, because the whole day your body has to take the load of your activities. Your food is your fuel, without fuel how far can you move? So, stuff yourself with a healthy meal. Try to include fruits, yogurt, cereals, juice etc to your diet in the morning. It’s always a good idea to have your breakfast at home. Cook it up yourself and relish it.


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# 3. Drink lots of water. The lack of water in your body will dehydrate it and make you feel lethargic. So make sure you drink 2-3 litres of water daily( it excludes coffee, tea, soft drinks, sodas, colas). Carry your bottle everywhere. If plain water bores you, try infused water. To know more about infused water, click here.


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# 4. Make time for some work out everyday. If it is not possible for you to exercise in the morning, then make sure to find some time in the evening. But do exercise. Exercise actually works as an anti-depressant for you and makes you feel happy. Plus, you get to be the owner of a super fit body.


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# 5. Keep smiling always.


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# 6. Remove the excess clutter from your living area. The more clutter in your living space, the more unorganized you will feel. The excess clutter actually creates a mental barrier in your mind and stops you from feeling organised in your work and life. It creates some sort of illusion, that’s not true, but makes your mind belief it’s true. So, even if you are sorted in your head, the excess clutter can make you feel that you are not sorted. The solution? Simple! Remove the excess clutter and see the magic for yourself.

Added benefit, you get to live and work in a healthy and hygienic space.


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# 7. Get your daily dose of sleep. A peaceful sleep can do wonders for your mind and body. Waking up from a peaceful sleep is truly a luxury. If you have trouble sleeping, then try this to learn how to get that perfect sleep.


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# 8. Have some greenery in your living space. Indoor plants are a great way to add that required greenery to your home. Apart from beautifying your space, they filter the air from any harmful chemicals, thus, you breathe fresh air every time you walk inside your home and feel good about it.


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# 9. Keep a to-do list with you for all the activities you wish to accomplish within the day. If possible allot time for each task/ activity. In this manner you save yourself from any stress or pressure of non completion of task.

It also helps you to seek some respite within the busy hours of the day.


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# 10. Love yourself. I bet there is nothing better than this. When you love yourself, you will be always filled with positive energy and optimism and in such a manner, no matter what, you will always be supercharged.


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The Fitness Motivation

The Fitness Motivation


Just because summer has made it’s presence felt with all the heat and humidity that makes us sweat profusely, does not mean that we should stop sweating it out, I mean working out. Summer really makes me lazy, I just don’t feel like moving anywhere, leave alone working out. I make excuses some time, but really feel guilty for skipping the work out sessions later. Do you people feel the same thing like me? If yes, then I guess you also need a bit of motivation just like me.

So, here I present to you some of my favorite workout motivational quotes, that instantly inspires me, so that I avoid making excuses and start taking action. Have a glance.

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Have you ever had this feeling at any particular point of time in your life, when you literally felt directionless. The feeling like what next?? What now?? or which way to go or what option to choose?? I guess yes! you know what, I feel people get this feeling because of two reasons in particular.

No. 1 The availability of too many options, that confuses us to death.

No.2 The non-availability of any good options that also obviously stresses us to death.

So, what is this feeling of directionless?

Okay, let me admit this, it is a feeling and I actually do not have any idea whether there is any work or research done upon it or not. If done, then it is well and good. But, if not done, then I guess we all need to start from the scratch. Basically, the feeling of directionless happens at certain diverging points of your life. Like for instance, when choosing a proper career for yourself after college or let’s say when you are not satisfied with your career and wants to reconsider your options.

Mostly it happens with the youth, after college. Because till college it’s a totally different life, but after college, the sudden load of all the responsibilities to earn your money and giving up on the carefree life could often impact the youth in a wrong manner. Nowadays, we have lots of options, when it comes to choosing a particular career choice, so naturally it is quite obvious to feel overwhelmed by all the choices that could either confuse us or stress us.

Many of the young lot who started out early, may not be quite happy and satisfied with their careers and might even be thinking of reconsidering their decisions and starting out on a new venture, this may be twice as difficult for them also.

No matter how sorted you are, there will be a point of time when you are bound to feel like “Enough I could not do this, let me give up.” There will be points when you will frustrated and depressed and at times even you will feel angered on yourself. You know what humans are by nature not so brave hearted, there is a feeling within each one of us, a voice basically that comes from within us, that will prompt us to give up, it will demotivated us and even urge us to give up. It will provide visions of numerous hardships in front of us. But, don’t get fooled, do not let the fear speak to you and dominate your spirits. If you feel for something, go for it. just don’t let that inner voice reign your mind and soul and make you directionless.

Directionless is basically a feeling where you feel like you are lost in the middle of no where. it happens when you are not sorted enough. it is feeling like you are losing focus of your aim/goal. You know all of us do have certain goals or aims. But, the problem is that we sometimes could not find out the right route to reach it. Every time it is not necessary that you will find well polished red carpet spread for you. sometimes you have to make way through carpet of weeds and thorns too. Smart people do not remain directionless for a long time, they might feel lost initially, but they will soon learn about the route and embark on their journey.

It’s okay to feel lost once in a while, but if it is frequent or if it has become a habit, then I will show you how to get rid of this feeling of directionless from your life totally and be more happy, successful and optimistic with your life.

# 1.  Sort out your priorities. It is very important. The main benefit from sorting your priorities is that it sorts your life in return. It sorts your mind. For instance, how do you feel when your house is cluttered everywhere? Do you feel organised? Definitely NO. In the same manner, if you do not remove the excess clutter from your mind, by sorting your priorities, then how come will you feel organised? And tell me, if you do not feel organised, will your life feel organised? Think for yourself.

# 2. After sorting out your priorities, make a to do list to achieve your goal/aim, whatever you have envisioned basically. Making a to-do list is important because it lets you stay on track. In such a manner you will be saved from taking any wrong step or making any wrong move.

# 3. Make a routine, a daily routine for yourself and try to stick to it as much as possible. It helps you to put a standard level of effort day in and day out so that your consistency and motivation do not drop at any point of time. And even if it drops, you will not have much time to fuss about and think about it. the reason is you will be busy putting all your efforts and energy towards accomplishing your goal or attaining your target.

#4. Workout and exercise daily. You might think that why I have included exercise in this list. But the reason is that exercise actually works as an anti-depressant plus it give you a healthy body. So a benefit with an added benefit.

# 5. Make meditation a part of your life. See meditation is an escape in today’s fast paced, stressful life. We regularly clean our phones of any junk files that is accumulated, but what about our mind. Day in and day out we take in a lot of junk files in the form of depression, stress, worries, fears and doubts. Just think, what will happen, if you do not clean it in time. They will eat you up from the inside, in simple words they will feed up on all your positive energy and optimism. Are you scared? So how do you clean these unnecessary junk from your mind? Simple, in one word MEDITATE. Make it a daily habit. Try to meditate every morning, after waking up and before going to bed.

# 6. Try to be in close sync with nature. If you do not have any access to proper nature or if you live in city, where all you could find are towering buildings, then create your own nature zone at your place. It’s simple you could just start with flowering plants or leafs in beautiful pots. They will both add beauty to your interiors and add the necessary green peace to your life.

# 7. Read aloud your own affirmations every day as soon as you wake up or carry it with you wherever you go. As soon as you feel low, flip the pages and read it to yourself. If you do not have any idea what affirmations are, then check it out here.

# 8. Eat healthy, this is probably important, but we tend to ignore it. So, I guess probably it’s time we give healthy eating its due credit, because you are what you eat.

# 9. Be happy. Try to surround yourself with people who only lifts you higher. It’s always a good idea to be alone, then to lonely in the midst of those people, who demotivates you.

# 10. Continuous work can sometimes bring monotony to your life. No matter how much you love your work,  but that’s not everything. Take out time to enjoy the little joys of life. Take a break in a while and head for some vacations with your loved ones. They will cherish and you will enjoy too.

Hope you like this post.


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Do’s and Dont’s for a beautiful and flawless skin

Do’s and Dont’s for a beautiful and flawless skin

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Examine your skin type first off all. All the care and the moolah spent on expensive creams and lotions will amount to nothing if you have no clue about your skin type.

After finding out your skin type, invest in some good quality products from reputed brands. If it is possible go for organic products, as they are not laden with harmful chemicals and also mild on your skin.

Follow the CTM (Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing) routine religiously without fail at least twice a day.

Never step out of the house without applying a sunscreen. A minimum of SPF 30 is a must.

Drink adequate amount of water. A minimum of 8-10 glasses of water is a must if you want healthy and glowing skin. Lack of water in your body will show on your face in the form of dull, flaky and lifeless skin.

Eat fruits rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants are useful for repairing the collagen and making your skin look youthful. If you want to keep the fine lines and wrinkles away for a longer time, then it’s time to fill your plates with antioxidant rich food like blueberries, raspberries, black currents etc.

Always use a separate towel for your face.

Always keep your hair clean. Otherwise the dandruff or any other dirty particles may pose risk for breakouts.

Always carry tissue papers or a handkerchief in your purse.

Do not forget to carry a facial mist with you when you move out of the house. It gives an instant freshness and helps to remove any excess sweat or dirt from your face.

It is always better to wear a hat on sunny days or on days when you hit the beach. The hat provides protection to both your hair and skin from the strong sun rays.

Always re-apply your sunscreen after every 2 hours for maximum protection.


Never sleep with make-up on your face. It will block the pores as a result of which there will be breakouts and acne.

Avoid junk foods and oily food. Instead opt for baked, steamed or boiled food.

Never touch or prick a pimple with your fingers. There is a risk of spots that may leave behind.

Never sleep on dirty pillow cases.

Never scrub your facial skin too hard. Your facial skin is soft. And hard scrubbing can further aggravate problematic skin conditions like acne and pimple.

Never wash your skin with too hot water. Use lukewarm water for washing your skin and at the end do not forget to splash your skin with some cold water as it closes the pores.

Avoid colas and other soft drinks. They are bad for your health and skin too. Colas and other soft drinks contain too much sugar, which is one of the primary reasons for skin breakouts.

Avoid going out in the sun too much.

Never apply make-up of inferior or poor quality brands. It’s always better to spend some extra and buy good quality make-up.

Avoid any harsh facial exercise.

Hope the tips mentioned above will come handy. Do keep the feedback’s coming.

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Anger, a five letter word it is, but, each of this five words combine together to form such a human emotion which, if we cannot keep it controlled within certain limits is bound to bring in destruction, unimaginable destruction.

If you ask me that which is the most powerful emotion, then I will not lose a moment to reply that it is anger.

Most of you will disagree with me and say that love is a more powerful emotion than anger. Yes, it’s true that love is a powerful emotion, but anger is an even more powerful emotion. Because anger has the strength to turn an angel into a devil.

Anger has the capacity to cause mass destruction that cripples the backbone of many economies. If we take a walk down the lanes of history then we could find evidence that the root cause of almost all the wars and fights in the history of mankind, that caused unimaginable losses to both mankind and prosperous civilization roots from this very emotion anger.

If we talk about our day-to-day life, then, there also we could find evidences when anger has ruined many a relationships, people’s have separated, and homes were destroyed.

The one thing about anger is that it changes us as a person. You might have also felt like that. Whenever you feel angry, you will see your emotions changing, sometimes you do not think twice before spitting out such words to your near and dear ones, which you would have never spoken in normal circumstances.

As a result of which, you feel better having spitted out all the filth ridden words but later, you keep on regretting. Relationships are very fragile, once it cracks, then it becomes very difficult to mend it.

Sometimes when we are unable to spit out the anger from our system, then we tend to harm ourselves. There are some people who do not like to express anger; that sort of people invites danger to themselves. They breed anger within themselves. It feeds all the positive energy, kindness, love, optimism from the person’s system and as a result the person becomes lifeless.

He/ she in such a condition cannot give her best either to his/her life or career. And at the end if they keep on breeding anger even after that, then they will fall prey to never-ending depression.

So, what should we do? That is the question that might be ringing in your mind right at this moment. Are there no solutions to put a full stop to this destructive emotion? Yes, there is solution. You can definitely put a full stop to anger, thus saving yourself from all the dangers and destruction associated with it.

Here, I’m sharing some tips which could be beneficial to you if you are also struggling at eradicating this difficult emotion from your life:

1. It is not possible to eradicate anger from your life totally, because it is an emotion and you cannot eradicate emotion totally. But what you can do is make a constructive use of your anger. You can make a constructive use of your anger by not falling prey to this emotion and letting it manipulate your feelings.Rather, whenever you feel angry try to find the root cause of the anger, basically the source of that emotion. Think, whether showing any unnecessary emotion is really relevant or not. If that thing is not of any particular importance or relevance, then, stay away from showing any unnecessary emotions, which you would regret later.

2. On the other hand if you think that the matter or the cause that made you angry is really important to you, then you simply cool your head and try to find a solution that would put a full stop to your anger. Remember, not to lose you cool. Because whenever, you lose your cool you lose your reasoning abilities also. And if you lose your reasoning abilities, then you will be unable to find any solution.

3. Whenever you feel angry, or if any particular situation is making you angry then it’s better if you isolate yourself from such situation as soon as possible. Take a break, move outdoors, or simply close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

4. Try counting from 1-50 without stopping in between or even better if you count 1-100, with proper concentration. The moment you reach 100, you will feel at least at some ease.

5. Concentrate on your breathing. Take some long breaths. Try to shift your focus to your breathing.

6. The next step that follows anger is fights and arguments. It may seem quite tempting to get involved in fights and arguments to prove your point, but trust me it is useless, because it only aggravates the situation. So, refrain yourselves from engaging in such useless arguments.

7. Keep your stress and worry in check, by completing your works and duties on time. In such a manner you will save yourself from any unnecessary frustration which could lead to anger for non completion of tasks.

So, these are the suggestions that you could implement in your day-to-day life and keep anger at control. Hope this article helps you.


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Who would love to hate a person with an attractive personality? Do you want to possess an attractive personality also? I guess the answer in all certainty will be a BIG YES, isn’t it? After all there are many benefits associated with possessing an attractive personality.

So, today in this blog post, I have thoughtfully compiled a to-do list for everyone who wants to groom themselves and be the proud owner of an attractive personality, that will be the object of envy of everyone. So, are you ready? Then, let’s go:-

  1. First of all, like everything else, here also we need to start from the basic. And that basic is your personal hygiene. Yes, maintaining a proper personal hygiene is a must if you want to possess a good personality. There is no point in wearing expensive clothes and interacting in sophisticated accent, if you do not maintain a certain level of personal hygiene.
  2. Clothes, shoes and accessories play a major role in putting up your whole look and at the same time it complements your natural look. So, pick up clothes according to your office environment and at the same time, make sure that you are comfortable in those clothes. It is always wiser if you choose clothes according to your work. If you work in the corporate sector, then it’s always better that you go for formal, sharp dressing. If in such a work environment, if you wear some relaxed casual dresses, then it would totally look out of the place.
  3. A person with an attractive personality should know how to put his words, in other words, he/she should possess excellent conversation skills without going overboard at any particular point of time. So, if you are an introvert person, try to open up. Try socializing with your friends and families, watch talk shows, you can even join clubs, where you will find ample opportunities to interact with like minded people.
  4. On the other hand if you are an extrovert person and at times you go overboard, then you should try to tone down a bit. The point here is that you should be talking like a gentleman or a lady. The tone at which you talk should be calm yet to the point. You need not shout every time to prove your point. If you have the facts, then your point will be proven anyways.
  5. Try to develop the habit of listening. A person with an attractive personality is usually a good listener too. For a good conversation to take place there should be a two-way communication. So, be a patient listener and in return, when your turn comes to speak you will be rewarded with a good audience.
  6. Try to groom yourself properly. Little things go a long way in developing an attractive personality. For instance get a good hair cut, if you are a bit overweight then think of joining the gym and losing some weight. If you feel too lazy to commit yourself to the gym routine, then go for jogging or do morning walks regularly.
  7. Keep yourself updated about the latest happenings.
  8. Do not kill time uselessly. Put it into some good use. Read some books or if you have a lot of spare time, think of learning something new or better take up a hobby.
  9. It is always better to learn table manners to save yourself from any unnecessary embarrassment in social gathering.
  10. The most important of all, follow a routine and be disciplined. Otherwise all your efforts of possessing an attractive personality will go vain.

Hope this article helps you.


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In the crowd

In the crowd

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In today’s time of population explosion, we are all walking in a crowd. It’s true that we have different options, when it comes to choosing our career but, at the same time we cannot forget about the fact that we also need to face stiff competition also. There was a time when the options were less and the competition was even lesser. The people who lived at that particular period were bestowed with opportunities at every point to be successful and popular. They didn’t even complain about competition, because the competition was close to zero.

But, switch back to today’s time, whoa! The competition is beyond imaginable; such is the competition among people in different career path that if we say that there is a cut throat competition, it would be definitely an underestimation. Such is the situation that we all have accepted that competition is inevitable, no matter whatever field we choose to build our career. It has so deeply weaved around our whole life, that we have stopped whining and complaining about it. But, at times, we cannot bear and complain about it. Mostly at times when we fail at building a career of our choice or when we find out that we are too average or mediocre in our chosen career field. And at that particular time we are quite quick to play the blame game with competition. But, think twice, do we really need to play the blame game? Do we really need to decorate competition as the villain of our career? I think no. Actually a big NO TO BE FRANK.

Then who is to be blamed?? Any guesses? It is us that we need to blame not competition. Let me explain this precisely. See, we need to accept the fact that no matter what, we cannot escape competition in any career field that we choose. Competition will be present. That is not in our hand. But, our career is in our own hands. If we choose our career fields by carefully taking into consideration our capabilities, passion and inherent talents then we all will be in a much better position to face competition. See, the point here is to be excellent in whatever field we choose. There is no point in being average or mediocre. If we choose a career field where we are average or mediocre then sooner or later someone else will definitely overtake us who is much better then us. And in such a situation we can never think of being truly successful, leave alone touching the pinnacle of glory.

Today’s youth needs to ponder upon this fact more carefully. They should not choose a career merely because of societal, parental or peer pressures. If they choose a career because of the pressures, they are bound to be doomed and later there will be no roads to return back. Remember time and tide waits for none.

The youth of today carefully needs to evaluate their talents and find out what they are really passionate about? It’s always better to do something about which they are really passionate. Because, doing something that you really love doing will only motivate you to work harder and explore the depths of that chosen career path. In such a manner if you continue working harder and at the same time exploring details, you will only get better with time and one day you will surely reach the pinnacle of glory.

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Pursuing our dreams needs a lot of courage and motivation on the part of each one of us, isn’t it? There would be rarely a person who will say that he/she has pursued his/her dreams with zero fears and doubts. Fears and doubts are kind of inherent in every one. The one who successfully surpasses the fears and doubts eventually emerges as a winner. And for that we need to motivate ourselves constantly.

However, motivation or motivating ourselves is not a onetime affair.  It’s not like we need to motivate ourselves only before pursuing our dreams and aspirations and after that putting a full stop on it. It’s not like that. In order to be successful,  motivation is an inseparable element. The continuous presence of this element throughout our journey to our goals will only ensure cent percent success.

Many people, who started out armed with all the knowledge and determination to accomplish their goals, give up even before the reaching the finishing line. And on the other hand there are people who reach the finishing line also and at the same time accomplish their goals and aspirations.

So what is the difference between these two set of people?? Simple it’s all about the MID WAY MOTIVATION.

See whenever we gear up to pursue our dreams, anything like starting our own venture, finding a new job, learning a new talent etc., we motivate ourselves to pursue it. And after motivating and preparing ourselves we start engaging ourselves towards fulfilling our dreams. But our dreams and goals cannot be achieved within a fraction of seconds neither it is a matter of a few minutes. We clearly do not know how much time it will take. It may take days, months or even years. The one thing we only know when it comes to our goals and dreams is that it is uncertain. Many of us in the initial period is full of determination and enthusiasm. But with time the enthusiasm will fade a bit, and our determination might also take a back seat at that point. And this situation is the root cause because of which many people give up on their dreams and goals even before reaching the finishing line. The uncertainty associated with the time frame needed to accomplish the dreams and goals prompts many of us to give up. After all who likes uncertainty.  

But the intelligent lot will not give up. Because they know if they are consistent in their efforts and persist for some time they will definitely achieve their goals. But, there is more depth to the secret of their success. The secret is as I mentioned already is all about MID WAY MOTIVATION.

So what is mid way motivation? Simple, mid way motivation is basically motivating and refueling yourself with renewed vigor and enthusiasm mid way to our goals/ aspirations.

So, how will you know that it is MID WAY? It’s simple, anytime when you will feel that your enthusiasm is dropping and that boredom and monotony is creeping in your way, that’s the situation when you should prepare yourself for some mid way motivation.

When you start feeling that you are lacking enthusiasm or if you are thinking of giving up, then at that point of time, stop your work, take a break for a few days. Better if you could arrange for some refreshing vacation. It is always better to not take such a decision in haste. Better take a break and think with a cool head about everything related to your dream or goal. Like for instance why you thought of pursuing your goal? In what many ways can it benefit you and your life? Why you are thinking of giving up on your goal /aim? What if you could persist for a little longer and see the results? see, it’s always better to reconsider everything carefully before giving up.

Not many get an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. If you are getting an opportunity hold on to it. don’t give up.

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A glance at the moon in the distant sky is pure bliss. It’s true that the most beautiful things in the world are priceless. And for me the moon is one of them. Just bathing in the moonlight washes away all my tensions and worries. I absolutely love it. If you are busy in the daily hustle bustle of your life, then you are probably missing one of nature’s best beauty. So, take a break, switch off the lights of your house and just glance at this beauty. I’m sure you will be mesmerized. Make it a daily habit and with time it will become a sort of visual meditation which will definitely fill your mind with positivity and you will surely enjoy it. So, give it a try.

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